Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Out for a Cruse

This may not be an exact account of what happened on that April night; after all I was only 7 years old...but it's as I remember it. It's as it is in my dreams, the dreams that still haunt me from time to time, most recently two nights ago. The mind is a funny thing, and maybe I shouldn't have even been affected by what I saw or what I *think* I remember I saw but there it lies still waiting until I feel content and then creeping back into my subconscious like a thief in the night and reminding me that you never know what might happen next...

In 1987 I was in 2nd grade, other than my parents nasty divorce I hadn't come across much adversity in my life. I hadn't lost a loved one to old age or any else for that matter. I lived a normal quiet life with my dad, my stepmom and my two younger brothers. We stopped at our local KMart on a Thursday night. I don't remember what we needed to pick up, or why we might have been compelled to stop. It didn't matter anyway because it wasn't the stop that changed the way I looked at life, it was what happened afterwards.

My father was a plumber, he had just had a hernia surgery. I remember we were checking out and he decided to get a head start to the car, he was still walking with a bit of a limp, slowly...deliberately. My brothers were in the cart and my mom was paying so I decided to walk with my dad. As we reached the double doors leading outside things changed in a flash. A white car backfired outside and a man hit the pavement, but there was blood. Why was there blood from a car backfiring? Why was he laying in the road? And why was my dad going after him? I remember my dad pushing me back inside and telling the cashiers to call the police...someone is shot. Someone is SHOOTING still. Everyone looked at him in stunned faced silence, crazy man with a limp. What is he talking about?

The next few minutes are a blur, I vaguely remember someone helping my father drag the wounded man inside...or do I? Is that an addition to my memory over time? I remember them ushering us to the back of the store, to lie in wait for the Crazy Man with the Gun to come in and find us and kill us all like rats in a trap. My dad and mom didn't feel that was a good idea so instead we took off, dashing through the parking lot. I remember screams of STAY DOWN STAY DOWN, GET IN THE FLOORBOARDS AND STAY DOWN. I remember arriving home safely. I remember trying to be shielded from the news on the television of the stand off in the shopping center where the Crazy Man with the Gun had killed 6 people, 10 people, 12 people...no one seemed to know and now he was holding a poor girl hostage.

The standoff lasted well into the night, long after I had been made to go to bed. Long after the nightmares of the Crazy Man with the Gun remembering my face and finding me began. I remember my mother coming into my room and telling me that they caught him and it was over. But for me it's never really been over. I don't even know that we were ever in real danger that night but I know that it changed how I looked at the world, seeing Bad People around every corner. Worrying that the strange or furtive looks that come from anyone on the street might lead to gunfire and mayhem. I know that I still dream of William Cruse 22 years later.

William Cruse really did kill 6 people on April 23, 1987. 4 were college students and 2 were police officers. He wounded close to 20 others, set off because some children were bouncing a basketball too loudly near his home. I believe he is still on death row in Florida to this day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've got a riddle for you...

What do you get when you mix 4" of snow with 30 mph winds?

Give up????

11" drifts!

This is my driveway which was devoid of snow this morning. I'm not sure how Brian is going to get the little Ion into the garage...but our huge driveway and I are not going to be getting along! With the windchill it's a whopping -8*!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's so hard to convey the right words or images when the need arises to send a sympathy card. If you've ever grieved the loss of a loved one you know that you appreciate getting condolences from others, but creating the card to send, as a card maker is always so difficult.

I do love the Notes of Prayer set from Verve. The cross is beautiful. I made this card today for a friend of Brian's who's father in law passed away over the weekend.

Ariel DP by Memory Box
Notes of Prayer by Verve
Sentiment by PTI

SU! artichoke, baja and mustard

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Blogger

Just popping on to say hi and not much else. I promise to do better soon. I've stamped every day of the new year so far (except yesterday) so I've got some stuff to share just had to much other stuff going on to take the time.

Don't forget me!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Today is my birthday. Happy 30th Birthday to ME.

As is customary on my birthday, I got some really crappy news. Stupid, STUPID people.

But I won't dwell on that, because this post is about getting by with a little help from my friends. I will pause for a little musical interlude...

Including a nice karaoke scroll in case you want to sing along!

Now that you are still humming along...I'd like to share with you a gift I received in the mail today. I was very LOW. I was very very LOW when I went to my mailbox and found a soft and squishy package from my friend Tracy. Intrigued I ran to my stamp room to grab scissors to open this package...and what did I find???


But wait first let me remind you how much I love funky socks...See here I am as Velma with my teal, chocolate and orange argyle socks on. I wore these so much there was nothing left but threads...

Then there is my new find this year. Knee high chocolate and mustard socks. I wear these at least twice a week. Socks ROCK. I also have about 7 pairs of toe socks and a huge supply of other cool color combos...

The gift I opened contained these. 8 pairs of socks for an array of different holidays. There was St Patricks Day....White with green shamrocks...

Then we had 4th of July, complete with stars and stripes. I am totally diggin' this gift....

Then came Halloween. Check out witchy poo on the back. She is crackin' my ass up. By this point I'm thinking Bad News Schmad News...I love my friends!

and this cornucopia is kicking my ass. I had to get a close up. Sorry my hands aren't really steady but I think you get the idea.

and who could resist a cute pink bunny nose?

Or a fuzzy snowman?

Hearts for Valentines Day

or arguably one of my favorites...Bad Ass Mardi Gras socks...SA-Freakin' WEET!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

40 kids? NO MORE CANDY!!!!

Bradan and Kenzie's classes are combining for one big holiday party tomorrow. That's 40 kids! 40 kids and 40 treat bags coming home. I know that most of them will just be loaded with candy and that's really the last thing we need around here! We're still loaded down wiSo I decided that my kids would just give out Snowman Soup this year.

I wanted it to be cute, but I didn't want to spend a TON of time because hello, we are talking about 2, 3 and 4 year olds here. They aren't going to be too interested in the packaging!

Here's what I came up with....the cups were 4 for $1 at Walmart. I used cocoa in the canisters and measured out a single serving into a cellophane bag, topped with mini marshmellows and tied it off with some sheer ribbon and a candy cane.

And a close up of the tag. I used my Just Rite Stampers to make these. I thought they were a cute touch ;)

FYI...I know they are blurry. I haven't been able to take a clear picture since we got this camera a year ago! I need a new one. I honestly think all the kid beatings that this thing has taken has affected its usability!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I should be doing one of a million things...

But instead I spent an hour and a half coloring this image! I've had this stamp forever and never taken the time to color it before. I used my copics although the background gave me a bit of trouble...I think it turned out really pretty!

I didn't want to do a whole lot with the card because I really feel like the image stands alone, but I did use some Basic Grey paper behind the image so it wasn't totally plain and I put some Shimmerz on her wings and skirt. I should have taken a close up but as I mentioned in the post title I have a bazillion things to do and really should get started!