Friday, November 28, 2008

Army Strong

Uncle Andy is in town. He just got home from being deployed to Afghanistan. This morning, Bradan wanted him to see how STRONG he is. So he showed him how many push ups he can do. Uncle Andy told him if he brings that form to the Army he can revolutionize PT as he knows it!

I told Bradan he can do more pushups than daddy :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids say the darndest things part 2163

I gotta tell ya. This kid...he kills me.

Even when he doesn't try he's funny. Apparently however, I need to work with him. I need to explain a few things about our religion a little more clearly.

You see this is our pastor.

Pastor Aaron. He's a great pastor. He makes me want to learn more about our religion. It has come to my attention that Bradan reveres him a little more than I do though.

Yesterday, I was looking at our church website trying to find some dates for our Christmas program to tell my MIL. As I'm scrolling, Bradan is sitting on my lap and when he sees this picture of Aaron he shouts.



It's GOD!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is a time for MESSES

Especially in MY kitchen. Let's take an informal poll...are you a "clean" cook? Or are you a messy one? For instance when you're making something does your kitchen resemble this???

I started my Thanksgiving cooking yesterday. I made pie crusts which are currently chillin' in the fridge (pun intended), I also for the fun of it made THESE cinnamon rolls. And I crushed 3/4 of a lb of ginger snaps so I could make a crust for my cheesecake that I'll be making tomorrow. Note to Santa, I'd love a food processor. A GOOD one. I've been good. But, I know I know I got that nice TV already. Maybe next year ok?

Today, I got up and made a second batch of the cinnamon rolls using my own icing instead of the one listed in that recipe. I just used powdered sugar 4oz of cream cheese, a few splashes of milk and some vanilla. Brian loved the rolls but doesn't dig coffee much so I ended up with 3 pans of maple icing and 3 of cream cheese. Then I had just a TEENY bit of dough left and I didnt' want to put it in a pan of cinnamon rolls all by itself so I made up a few dinner rolls. Which miraculously use the same recipe. How neat is that???

FYI: These babies are GOOOOOOOOD. Oh my are they good. I ate TWO with my lunch straight out of the oven. WOW-EEE-WOW-WOW! This is a great recipe for yeast rolls. I had a different one I used to use but I'm switching. Light, fluffy, oh so good!

So, then next on my list is my noodles. Homemade egg noodles. I fix them with some turkey and cook them in the turkey broth with a few spices. Nice. One of my favorites at Thanksgiving. They are super easy to make, the only real pain is you have to make them ahead of time so they can dry. I usually let them dry overnight. They don't have to be SUPER DRY (read: they dont' have to be brittle) but you want them to dry out quite a bit before cooking them. Also, it doesn't take long to cook them when they are fresh like that. Boiling broth, max of 10 minutes. Just keep checking them.

Mix together 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour and a "pinch" of salt. (I use about 2 tsp roughly) Add 2 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup of milk and a tbsp of butter and knead dough until it's smooth. (About 5 minutes) Let rest in a covered bowl for 10 minutes.

Place dough on a floured surface

Roll the dough out flat. (This is a preference thing as to HOW flat. I like my noodles to be like the Raeme's Frozen noodles so that's the thickness I go for)

Now for this part there are TWO ways that work. I recently got a pastry cutter so I've got pictures of this way. However, if you don't have a pastry cutter in years passed I have rolled the dough towards me so that you end up with a log and then just cut off strips, unrolled to let dry. Here's how I did it this year. Cut the flattened dough into strips one at a time.

Then cut those strips into pieces.

until you have the entire pile cut up. Oh another thing I do is divide my dough into two balls before I start so that there is less to work with at once...

As you can see, it doesn't really matter if your size is consistent. Your thickness will be and that's what really matters. I use to try and be perfect in everything I did but my therapist told me that isn't really very healthy. OK, so I don't HAVE a therapist, but I probably need one and IF I had one she'd tell me that my attempts at perfection are futile and I should get a life. Sometimes I hear her talking in my head...

What? Don't you have a therapist in your head too???

Monday, November 17, 2008

I don't even need a reason for this post...

It's just too cute for words. We've got a Wii Fit. Every night (usually after dinner) we spend a little time "working out" together. It's nice family time and good for us too. Here's a little video of Kenzie doing the hula hoop.

Sorry if it's shaky, I couldn't quit laughing!!!

Christ Is Born!

Christmas time is upon us boys and girls. In case you didn't realize you have only 38 days until the Big Day. My goal this year is to have all of my Christmas cards done by December 1. That's 13 days from today ;) unbelievable? I know!

Awhile back I ordered some of these Fabriano note cards which I knew I loved but had I no idea what I wanted to do with them. (My friend Rach used to sell them but I have no idea where to tell you to get them now...if you know, tell me please) Enter Saturday night when I had a layer Christmas cards. Time saving...but I needed them to still look elegant and faboo. Cuz, hey that's just my style.

OK so it's not normally my style but I was trying to break out of my box here. (Speaking of boxes, Charlie Pace is NOT dead, he's in a box in my stamp room dying to be let out...soon!)

Here's what I came up with. 19 cards, made, signed, enveloped and addressed. Only like, 40 to go. ;)

Christ is Born (SU!)
Fabriano note cards
Ruby Red and So Saffron SU! Markers
Versamark/Gold EP

Tammy Fae has NOTHING on her...

A picture is worth a thousand I'll just leave it at this:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A trip to the museum and kids say the darndest things....

Today we met my sister in law and niece in the next county to the north and went to their tiny version of a children's museum. It was only $6 per person to get in and we spent 3 hours going through all the exhibits. It was quiet, clean and a lot of fun.

Here the kids are playing with the trains

And the girls dressed up in kimonos in Japan. It was quite the cultural area. With the tatami rooms separated by the rice paper walls.

Bradan in the GIANT toilet. They had this exhibit that was a house that you could climb through the walls and stuff. This toilet led down into the "sewer" system of the house and ended up with a slide. It was a lot of fun. Even mom got flushed! :)

They also had a magnetic table with gears that you could put together and make work. Giant checkers, a garden, finger paints, dance dance revolution, virtual biking and speed cups.

And this face, it's a good thing I love this face...after the museum we went to McDonalds for lunch. Here is the conversation that took place between Bradan and I.

Bradan: I'm done.
Me: Eat your chicken nuggets.
Bradan: But mommy I'm full.
Me: Eat your chicken nuggets.
Bradan: But mommy if I keep eating my belly will get really big...(wait for it....wait for it...)

My sister in law Sam nearly shot coke out her nose. I was of course mortified. By the truth. But still, mortified. I need to remember this to help me with my diet....