Thursday, December 18, 2008

40 kids? NO MORE CANDY!!!!

Bradan and Kenzie's classes are combining for one big holiday party tomorrow. That's 40 kids! 40 kids and 40 treat bags coming home. I know that most of them will just be loaded with candy and that's really the last thing we need around here! We're still loaded down wiSo I decided that my kids would just give out Snowman Soup this year.

I wanted it to be cute, but I didn't want to spend a TON of time because hello, we are talking about 2, 3 and 4 year olds here. They aren't going to be too interested in the packaging!

Here's what I came up with....the cups were 4 for $1 at Walmart. I used cocoa in the canisters and measured out a single serving into a cellophane bag, topped with mini marshmellows and tied it off with some sheer ribbon and a candy cane.

And a close up of the tag. I used my Just Rite Stampers to make these. I thought they were a cute touch ;)

FYI...I know they are blurry. I haven't been able to take a clear picture since we got this camera a year ago! I need a new one. I honestly think all the kid beatings that this thing has taken has affected its usability!


Rachel Hope said...

Sooooo cute!!!! Great job! Love the cute!!!

Jessica said...

Great idea! And I love the tag, it's perfect for this!

Tammi said...

I love this idea for the kids, they are really cute!

Colleen Wold said...

How fun! THis is such a cute idea for a class party favor. I love the tag you made!